Design Culture
Organisation of the course
Type of course
Part-time postgraduate course with European degree of Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Design Culture certified with 65 ECTS-credits according to European standard (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).

Conditions of admission
Completed relevant studies within a creative discipline or related fields (such as design, art, architecture, cultural or fine art studies) or equivalent professional experience. Application and admission each semester.
Course duration
A minimum of 4 semesters with additional completion requirements

Structure and Process
Point of departure of the MAS is the research project idea of each participant. The aim of the first semester is to develop this project idea into a concrete and sustainable research subject. The second and third semesters focus on conducting the actual research. The fourth semester concentrates on elaborating the final presentation of the research results. The final results of the research together with a colloquium presenting the projects and a research report mark the completion of the course. Subject matter of the research projects can be any design-related investigation informed by a spirit of inquisitive research, aimed towards a relevant result and generally contributing to the development of a socially responsibly attitude within design. Each individual research project will be focussed and continuously supervised by the institute’s tutors, as well as receiving critical assessment and advice through fellow participants in the course of the research colloquia. Around this core element of the course are grouped a number of methodical, technical and theoretical seminars. These are dedicated to strengthening the reflexive, representational and explanatory elements of the research praxis. Beyond this, the structure of this course offers frequent opportunities for critical discussions thanks to a number of renowned guest speakers on aspects of method, socio-politics, design, art or science.
Course structure
1st semester
Development of research project

2nd semester
Analysis, research, experiments

3rd semester
Research, development, method

4th semester
Preparation for the presentation of research results

Study days
Every fortnight during term time

Thu 9 am – 5.30 pm
Research colloquium (discussion of research projects on an individual, group and plenary basis)

Thu 6 – 8 pm
Salon de Recherche (public workshop talk with international guest speakers, designers, artists, scientists)

Fri 9 am –  6 pm
Theme-specific seminars and workshops with lecturers and international guest speakers

Sat 9 am - 5.30 pm
Theories and methods reflecting on and establishing design research

Additional events
Extra-curricular workshop days, excursions, visits to exhibition, events and workshops
Course start
A minimum of 4 semesters with additional completion requirements. Study days are every fortnight during term time.

Course fees
CHF 4,500 per semester
Total course fees of CHF 18,000