Design Culture
MAS Design Culture     

This postgraduate program explores and develops methods, discourses and strategies of critical design research and practice at the interface of science and society. Lectures, symposiums and workshops led by international experts of various disciplines enrich the curriculum. The programme directors come from the fields of design, visual and cultural studies, philosophy and semiotics. During the two-year postgraduate programme each participant generates and progress an individually chosen research project, which offers the participant a broader theoretical insight and new perspectives for their practice. Presentation and analysis of exemplary projects, as well as the transfer of approaches and methods from other scientific or profession areas, skills such as project management and founding application are exemplary subject matters of the extensive programme. Design2context provides for each participant of the MAS an insight into the broad international and transdisciplinary research, developing, exhibiting and publishing activities as well as in the other postgraduate programs and expert colloquia of the institute such as f. e. Disorientation – Orientation, CAS Civic City, CAS on Visual Identity in Amsterdam (links below). With its contextualisation the MAS Design Culture fosters a reflexive approach towards design in research and practice.
MAS in Design Culture 
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