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what is not represented is not spoken about
narrating social scenes

» ... it seems increasingly obvious that it is the forms of representation that
restrict themselves voluntarily to the purely cultural,the forms of representation
that do not at least engage in a desperate attempt to represent those
issues termed 'unrepresentable,' that are at this moment the truly barbaric. «

excerpt from » Neo Avant-garde and Culture Industry «
Benjamin Buchloh



last resort (ausama)
video from » hometown baghdad «

an online documentary







tell you what : today we swim

a visual essay (the water experiment)



pavement newspaper
screen shots taken from » life after the fall «
a film by kasim abid



off the edge of
the screen,
i search for
the entrance to rashid
street, where i
would come back
at the end of a night,
drunk and drawn
by the smell of
hummus wafting
from a food
vendor's stand

excerpt from » the devil you don't know «
a book by zuhair al-jezairy